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Aug 25, 2011 5:30pm EDT
comes irene, she swept through the bahamas. now the east coast is bracing for this storm. so steve jobs resigns because of his health. how will the company do without him? hello and welcome to tripoli, a city which is very slowly resuming some of its normal rhythms. more shops were opened. for the most part, the streets remained deserted. many of the streets have check posts. gaddafi loyalists who are well armed and well trained and are very defiant and they are putting up a fight. there is a firefight close to his former compound he could be hidings pence of there is still intense fighting is to this district of the south, the place of the notorious prison. some of these prisoners have managed to escape but there has been fierce fighting involving snipers who have been killed. many of the injured have been arriving for medical treatment. at the compound, the compound remains under rebel control. a lot of firing their. there is an underground complex of tunnels. my colleague was there to see it. >> descending into colonel gaddafi's underground fortresses. a warren of tunnels which runs
Aug 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
hit the tech world of giant apple. steve jobs announced he is stepping down. the relatively unknown tim cook has become the chief operating officer and will likely replace tim. this has caused a flurry of speculation about his ailing health and the fate of the corporation he helped to bill. we're joined now from new york by the author of "be political diet." i heard that steve jobs' is described as one of the most creative people of our generation. do you agree with that? >> i would agree with that. i think especially when you're talking about the technology world. he is one of the most well-known and biggest innovators of our time. these days, it is hard to find someone around it does not have some kind of apple product, whether it is the iphone, ipad, ipod. he is iconic and he shook up the technology world, especially since you returned to apple. he did it ousted from the company at one point. he is a visionary and like any other in the tech field. >> when he took over and started sounding that company back in california, computers were a tiny little box. it really runs the gamut
Aug 31, 2011 5:30pm EDT
proved an irresistible draw for forgers. from berlin, steve has all the details. >> german detectives have opened the door on what they call a huge scandal. in a police station was a collection of masterworks of the '20s century. they sold for many millions, but they are all fakes. scientific analysis reveals them to be part of a con. >> a scandal. and most exciting scandal in the art world. we are discussing 47, 48, 50 very, very famous paintings that are fakes. >> the alleged forgers are awaiting trial. ninth of the art world was amazed, a collection had been sold that no one had heard of before. this one was sold for $6 million. this one was sold for $3.5 million. scientific investigations using microscopes and x-rays revealed that some of the paint could not have come from the time the artist for painting. artists not involve said that the problem is that our experts did not look below the surface. >> many experts said they did not need scientific investigation. they said they knew the art so well, the charisma from the work itself, that they could define an original. >> germany h
Aug 2, 2011 2:30pm PDT
over. steve kingston distorts our coverage. >> it has been a ferocious fight. nerves frayed, reputations guard on both sides. but finally it is over. >> congress has approved a compromise to reduce the deficit and avert a default that would have devastated our economy. it was a long and contentious debate. >> the agreement was sealed by a vote in the senate. who got the better deal? listen to the difference between gleeful republicans and reluctant democrats. >> this is a welcome change in behavior, and i gladly support it. make no mistake. this is a change in behavior from spend, spend, spend to cut, cut, cut. >> to be frank, almost everything else about this bill states, and it stinks to high heaven. >> it has come to this because america is deep in the red. with every dollar the government spends, 40 cents is borrowed money. congress sets a ceiling on that, currently a little over $14 trillion. the government will hit that ceiling today, but this bill raises it by a further $2.40 trillion in exchange for spending cuts. the white house admits that at times this debate has
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)